Monday, September 29, 2008


Hey guys! This weekend wasn't too eventful, but I did get to go to Mont-St-Michel (Mount of Saint Michael, Taylor) on Sunday. If I had known that the drive from here to MSM was like the drive from Dallas to Waco, I would have brought music. **sigh** Anyway, the place is gorgeous and is actually almost an island off the English Channel. At night, when the tide comes in, the road to MSM is completely underwater. If you go with a guide during the day, you can walk through the nasty quicksandy stuff. We had to promise our professor we wouldn't do it; however, I stepped out onto it anyway ;) We climbed a bunch of stairs, really steep ones, and saw hundreds of pictures from places like MSM around the world.

This morning at 5am, Suzanne got up to take her friend Erin to her train and passed out, hitting her nose on something and breaking it. I woke up to the thud and then heard blood-curdling screams. It was absolutely terrifying. Fortunately, she's going to be ok, but I haven't been that scared in a very long time. Pray that her recovery is quick!

Pictures are all of MSM, and the 1st one is the fog that I woke up to Sunday morning.

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