Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rockin' it at McDo

Bonjour mes amies!

Je suis a Caen!! Le temps ici est tres bien; c'est soixante-cinq!! Haha, for those who can't speak or read French, It says that I am in Caen *thankfully* and the weather here is very good; it's 65*!! It has been raining most of the day, but fortunately I brought rain boots. Erica and Kylie's flights got cancelled, so they didn't get here till Tuesday. It was very stressful getting here by myself, but God sent 3 ppl my way who spoke English and managed to carry my luggage and take me to where I needed to go. I am forever grateful. The campus is not very pretty - not like Baylor - but the surrounding city is BEAUTIFUL!! I will post pictures on here of the campus and some ppl that I met, and pictures of the city will go in later posts. Today was just a great day to tour the town. We ate at McDonald's for lunch and a Chinese restaurant for dinner where they gave us free rice cake pork rind things, a cocktail (which I didn't drink don't worry), and free chocolate at the Mickey D's. The burgers there were actually fabulous! Andit's so funny b/c there are American, Canadian, British, and Austrailian specials this month. I'm rockin' it here in McDonald's b/c I have free AND unlimited Wifi, or as they say, "gratuit et illimite!" I had a crazy CRAZY experience in the airport in Frankfurt and a very interesting first full day here. I saw janitors riding bikes IN the airport!! C'est tout pour maintenant. A bientot!

1st picture: Picture of the tram station and restaurant A
2nd picture: My dorm room with, of course, my homey touch of zebra stuff. It's actually pretty nice since I don't have a roommate.
3rd picture: Me and Suzanne, the girl from U. of Kentucky who lives next to me. We bonded over our first day misadventures, and her dad called mine to let him know I was ok.


sburge said...

aw i love you!!!!
i'm SO glad you are doing better and you're starting to like it there!!!
i miss you tons!! :)
love your dorm. i was like "she would" haha!! i know my sister! :)

canadian_bookworm said...

Courtney je t'aime!! Je vais seulement écrire en français a toi parce que j'ai besoin de la pratique pour mon course do français :) J'éspere que tu est bien. J'aime bien entendre de tes adventures en france! Vous etes super chouette!
ton amie Canadienne!

littlesqueeker16 said...

Courtney!!!! I love you and miss you! seems like you're having a good time so far. Love the bed ;) and one of those pictures up there better be of your roomie....well technically not your roomie anymore...but I think we'll probably always call each other that. :P lylas!!!