Monday, September 22, 2008

Booze Cruise? Haha nope!

Hehe...I thought the title of this blog might get your attention. According to our paper, the boat ride we were going on was going to have welcoming cocktails for everyone. In France, cocktails clearly mean alcohol, so the event got the name the "booze cruise." However, the whole ride was just a bank advertisement, which none of us wanted b/c we're already signed up with a bank. It was rather lame, but I enjoyed myself. I got to take a tour of the canal for free and talk to a lot of Americans for two hours. I met some really cool ppl from Connecticut (yes, they're Yankees), as well as a couple of good ole Southerners. The only really sad thing was that they played some swing music on the boat and I got rather excited, only to have my hopes dashed by the fact that not a single person knew how to dance! It made me miss Baylor Swing Society and dancing w/ Taylor very much.

Sunday was the market, and holy crap is it huge!! I thought this thing would never end!! I bought a kilo of potatoes for lunch (which turned into dinner for me and someone else as well). I suck at metric system conversion and didn't realize that a kilo was so much. However, I got myself a watch for 5€, and I found Les Mis (in French) for only 3€!! I can't wait to read it once I get back from France!! I obviously want my French to improve before I try and read such a hard book. Sunday night the girls went for pizza and watched Pushing Daisies which has got to be one of the cutest, funniest, and saddest shows I've ever watched. I've never gotten a warm, fuzzy feeling inside from a TV show.

Pictures: 1. Shue (sp?) from China, Itana from Latvia, and me after the boat ride
2. A view of a vineyard-like road on my campus
3. The gang before the boozeless cruise lol


mego17 said...

awww. sounds like you had fun though! :)
i like your purse that you told me about...if that's it in the picture lol :)
can't wait to see you.
love you and miss ya tons! :)

canadian_bookworm said...

Oh my gosh Ive always wanted to read les miz en francais!!!