Sunday, September 14, 2008

One week down...


Today marks the first official week of my life here in Caen. Yesterday we went to La Fete du Port de Caen, which we figured was a party since fete means party; however, it wound up being like the state fair back in Texas!! It was still pretty cool seeing all the kiosks and such, but my feet were KILLING me. Since we all dressed up, I was stupid and wore my red stilettos with my red dress to match. They looked really good, but my feet didn't think so. I have two blisters on my toes, and last night I wound up taking them off by the port. EVERYONE stared at me and some muttered things under their breath. Four French people actually said something to me about putting my shoes back on, and one realized that my feet must hurt. Apparently going barefoot in France is a taboo...good to know now. Anyway, attached to this will be pictures of the party and stuff earlier. Enjoy!!
1: The CUTEST little boy EVER
2: Me in my dress and coat
3: The port and its ships
4: The random band that was so terrible but really amusing to watch


Steff said...

Thats cool. I have always wanted to go to France. It sounds like so much fun. So you are livin there now? or is this just a vacation? I didn't know taking off your shoes is public in france was bad... well we learn new things everyday! :D :D

Hope you have lots of fun in France!!

Steff <3

canadian_bookworm said...

Oh courtney mon cherie je suis desole que tes pieds font mal! Les francias sont des fois etrange. Je veut etre la avec vous dans la ville!!! Si j'avais de l'argent je te visiterai!!
Je t'aime

mike said...

they let dogs into restaurnats, but you can't go barefoot outdoors -- go figure

rachel said...

...i too have gone barefoot in france...
don't tell.
i'm so glad you're finally there!!

rachel w.

theblcknight1989 said...

I miss you! But sounds like you're having a good time. Don't look too cute though, don't want any dirty frenchmen hitting on you =)