Friday, September 26, 2008

School...week one....

TGIF. In French, MDCV lol. That means "Merci Dieu c'est vendredi." Classes weren't terrible this week, but they certainly weren't a breeze. To start off, I got my schedule changed yet again because there were too many ppl in each phonetics class and not enough headphones. So, me being subject to Murphy's Law (which I so lovingly call Burge's Law), I was one of only 10 ppl to get put into a different phonetics class. Now I go even later on Wednesdays and Fridays. Major suckage. Then, I went to my Connaissance de France (French history) class and understood maybe 20% of what my teacher said. She mumbles a lot and has a lisp, so it's very hard to understand her. I have her for Lang. and Lit, too, but thankfully for only pt. 1. Monsieur Spiroux is much easier to understand for Lang. and Lit part 2. Below is my schedule and a picture of my 1st day outfit, mainly for mi madre to see lol.

M: 2-5

T: 1040-1220, 310-5

W: 820-1030, 130-300, 520-620

R: 12-240, 445-615

F: 9-10, 12-1, 3-4

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