Sunday, March 18, 2012


Wow! What a day!

I checked out of the hotel and went shopping in the underground city of Montreal (so cool!). The hotel was wonderful and let me leave my stuff there while I shopped. I bought some new clothes for DC: 1 brown dress that is A-DO-RA-BLE, 2 chemises (bleu et noir), et 1 suit jacket that matches my slacks. I dropped waaaaaaaaay more money than I meant to, but hopefully it's a good investment.

After shopping I met Roxane (the girl I'm couchsurfing with) at Berri-UQAM station in downtown Montreal! Elle est tres sympa! My French got tested hardcore tonight, and I'm sad to say I failed. They speak so quickly here! I did speak quite a bit of French, but I didn't understand as much. Their accents are thick and they speak so quickly I get lost. We went to a play that was all in French, but fortunately I understood most of what they were saying. It was a theatre de la folle - crazy theater. It literally had no point and had parts of Dadaism at the end. I actually really enjoyed it, though the orgy scene was slightly awkward.

We walked around for about 2 hours all over Montreal, so I got to see a lot of the culture. Beaucoup de gens fument, trop de gens, si tu me demandes, et la mode est....different....Il y a beaucoup de femmes qui ont cheveux rouge, cheveux violet, cheveux bleu, cheveux vert...choses comme ca. Et les hommes and les femmes portent des vetements un peu bizarre. Nothing matches, it's all punk-like, and it's just strange. You can tell they're not American lol.

Fantastic night, and St. Patty's Day parade demain! Quote of the night: "Comment dit-on 'lip gloss' en francais?" "Uhhh lip gloss?" "Oh. Pas gloss pour tes chevres?" INTENSE LAUGHING. "Levres, pas chevres." "Ca va dire 'chevre'?" makes goat noise "Zut." more laughing "would you like to kiss my goats? (tu aimerais embrasses mes chevres?"

Best. Misquote. Ever.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bienvenue a Montreal!

Sorry I'm so bad at blogging!! We've been going going going since we got here, and now we're on our last day in Montreal! I'm too tired to try typing everything in French, so feel blessed, you get to read it in English!

Today we went to the border and got to explore the Canadian equivalent of the CBP. It was pretty cool but pretty frickin' cold!!! Amanda and I woke up at 759 (to be downstairs by 8) because neither of our alarms went off. So, I had on a tank top underneath my coat and no socks underneath my jeans...and it was about 6* C. Awesome. Apparently, though, Sunday is supposed to be 22! That's the equivalent of 73* here :)

After the CBP tour, we headed out to La Face Cachee a la Pomme, an orchard and iced cider winery place. OH. MY. GOSH. Y'ALL. I'm serious, the best cider I've ever had in my life. The last one we had, Neige Recolte d'Hiver, is basically alcoholic apple juice. It's sweet and smooth and deliciously cold and golden. Definitely bought myself a bottle.

I won't say how much it was....

Afterward we went and got lunch at basically a gas station diner. Nothing to really write home about, but it was good. The best part of the day was easily the tasting and buying of iced cider though.

AND! ALERT! My Dallasites! Francois is coming to Dallas March 30-31 for Taste of Dallas and is bringing his wine with him. Help increase the market in Texas and increase advertising for him because he deserves it! He's SO nice and his cider is fantastic!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Courtney in Canada!

Nous avons arrivé ici hier soir à 6h30...juste a temps pour le diner à Play, Food, and Wine. Ce restaurant est très cher!! J'ai payé $45 pour mon diner!!!! C'est incroyable!

Notre hotel est si si si si siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii beau! Evidemment, le roi et la reine avaient déjà rester à cet hôtel! Notre chambre est $400 chaque. soir. Chaque soir! Encore, incroyable.

Aujourd'hui, nous avons rendre-visité l'ambassade americaine, où nous avons eu les réunions d'info sur l'économie, l'Arctique, le défense, et les relations entre le deux. Nos réunions d'info ce matin étaient bonnes, mais je suis malade, donc il était difficile de rester éveillée. :(

Ce soir, Amanda et moi a diné au restaurant libanais. C'était le meilleur aliments que j'avais déja mangé!! Et après, nous avons pris des "beaver tails." Ces sont un type de dessert qui a du sucre, du miel, du citron, et/ou du chocolat et de la cannelle. C'était superb!! :D Un peu cher, mais superb cependant :)