Friday, March 16, 2012

Bienvenue a Montreal!

Sorry I'm so bad at blogging!! We've been going going going since we got here, and now we're on our last day in Montreal! I'm too tired to try typing everything in French, so feel blessed, you get to read it in English!

Today we went to the border and got to explore the Canadian equivalent of the CBP. It was pretty cool but pretty frickin' cold!!! Amanda and I woke up at 759 (to be downstairs by 8) because neither of our alarms went off. So, I had on a tank top underneath my coat and no socks underneath my jeans...and it was about 6* C. Awesome. Apparently, though, Sunday is supposed to be 22! That's the equivalent of 73* here :)

After the CBP tour, we headed out to La Face Cachee a la Pomme, an orchard and iced cider winery place. OH. MY. GOSH. Y'ALL. I'm serious, the best cider I've ever had in my life. The last one we had, Neige Recolte d'Hiver, is basically alcoholic apple juice. It's sweet and smooth and deliciously cold and golden. Definitely bought myself a bottle.

I won't say how much it was....

Afterward we went and got lunch at basically a gas station diner. Nothing to really write home about, but it was good. The best part of the day was easily the tasting and buying of iced cider though.

AND! ALERT! My Dallasites! Francois is coming to Dallas March 30-31 for Taste of Dallas and is bringing his wine with him. Help increase the market in Texas and increase advertising for him because he deserves it! He's SO nice and his cider is fantastic!!

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