Friday, October 10, 2008

My apologies

It's been forever since I've blogged! I'm sorry! Last week was a very, very rough week, so I really didn't feel like blogging anything. This week has been much better...lots more stuff going on to try and get my mind off of things. Anywho, on Monday we went to the Abbey aux Dames for my French history class. It was rather boring, but it took out 2 hours of my 3 hour course, so I'm not complaining. The church isn't much to look at sadly. Yesterday I had my first test in my Comprehension and Expression d'Oral class. OMG it was terrible. I think I might have gotten an 8 out of 20. The questions were easy, but they play a tape recording w/ a guy who speaks very quickly, so it's almost impossible to hear everything. Even Curtis, who has taken French for like 6 years or something, had trouble understanding it verbatim.

Now the fun part...I went to my first pub last night!! It's called the Glue Pot Pub (strange, I know). Of course, me still being me, I got a Coke :) It was my 1st glass bottle of Coke, so give me a break! Anyway, I had a blast being w/ my friends from Texas, Connecticut, and Kentucky/Kansas. Emilee came, too!! She's my French friend who speaks almost perfect English. She's probably one of the sweetest girls I've ever known. After the night was over, Ana, Suzanne, Aaron, and I decided to take the last tram home. Ana and Aaron wound up walking, but Suzanne and I got on. There were about 30 students in there drunk off their butts. It was kind of terrifying but also somewhat entertaining. They were singing some random French song and chanting. Anywho, there were some Brits in my car that were watching it as well, and I started talking to one of them. I tried telling him I was from Wales, just to see if he would believe me, and he did!! He asked me if I was studying abroad as part of the IBP program and I was like, "Of course! I'm a third year!" I interjected randomly with "bloody mad" and " very clever," and he thought I was legit! He wasn't even drunk! Very nice guy...from the RAF (that's Royal Air Force for you Americans :P ) He and his mates were here to see the Normandy beaches, as most of the Brits who come here are apt to do.

Anywho, that was my last couple of weeks. Send me mail!! My mailbox is getting very dusty!!

Pictures: 1. Emilee and I!
2. About to go bar-hoppin'!
3. The very bland church lol

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