Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cherbourg my Cherbourg

This weekend Suzanne, Erica, and I took a spontaneous trip to Cherbourg, a port city in Northwest France. We couldn't decide if we wanted to go to Honfleur by bus or Cherbourg by train, and we wound up going by train. It was a fun hour-long ride that consisted of reading British Cosmo and listening to my mixed CD from Siobhan :) Odd combination, I'm well aware lol. Anyway, when we got off the train we saw a Texas bar!! I really wanted to go in and see how legit it was, but neither of my friends wanted to go. I was quite sad, but at least I got a picture! :) We ate at a restaurant that overlooked the port and the 50 bazillion boats that are docked there. The food wasn't amazing, but it was pretty good. Erica and Suzanne got a huge pot of mussels as an appetizer (which the French call entrees), fish, and some cheese for "dessert" for only 13.5€. I had a massive tuna salad (which the French put as "tunny" in their pseudo-English), some steak and fries, and a piece of lemon tart for dessert.

After lunch, we went on a walking tour of the town that consisted of seeing a beautiful theatre, two churches (one without a door), a Napoleon statue, and some beautiful port scenery. Oh, and a guy dressed as a male body part. That was most definitely the most awkward part of my day. I called him Pillowcase Man because me being my typical sheltered self only saw him as that. Suzanne had to explain what he was to me. He was giving away suckers, but since Suzanne and Erica didn't take one, I figured I wouldn't either. Guess that was a good idea! Mommy always told me never to take candy from strangers lol :P

This morning I went to the market in search of some new boots because I have finally decided to retire my 6 year old brown ones. I almost had a funeral for them, but then I realized how many blisters they have given me this semester and I just trashed them instead. The boots in an earlier picture are actually my friend Kylie's, but I really wanted some, so I got some! I found a pair for only 20€, and they're a lot like my brown ones at home except these are black...and French! :) I'm so excited!!! The girls all loved them, and I can't wait to wear them tomorrow morning! :)

Pictures: 1. Texas bar
2. Stained glass window in Notre Dame de Cherbourg
3. View of Cherbourgian meadow

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