Sunday, November 9, 2008

Swiss Saturday

Hello everyone! Yesterday was my first full day in Lugano, Switzerland. It started off fabulously with a special trip to the Breggia Gorge in Balerna. Christian and I woke up around 745 and headed off on a hike, with the beautiful sky above us and the gorgeous mountains in front of us. Everyone has been telling me I'm really lucky it's not raining here because it's supposed to around this time of year. I laughed and told them I bring the absence of rain most places I go. I spent 10 days in London a few years ago and never saw even a drop of rain. Hopefully, the weather will continue to stay nice until I return to France. Anywho, the hike was BEAUTIFUL. God's creativity and masterpieces are unfathomable. It was a geology field trip filled w/ note taking for most of the kids; I got to tag along for the ride. However, I did feel incredibly intelligent because I knew what Professor Hale was talking about concerning rock formations and tectonic shifts. Speaking of Hale, he is a military brat who graduated from Duke, studied abroad in Germany, did research in Sweded, lives and teaches here in Switzerland now, and oh yeah, knows EIGHT languages. No big deal, right? My jaw stood agape for a good minute after hearing this. He speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Gaelic. HO-LY-COW. Anyway, back to the field trip...we got to see quite a few waterfalls and springs, where the water was so clear, the depth was extremely deceptive. You probably could have dove into the water and not hit rocks, even though it looked like you would. All the leaves were changing color, so the scenery was just amazing.

After the gorge, Christian and I watched some House and got ready for Indian night, a.k.a., Diwali. It was a blast! For 5 Swiss Francs, we got a sample of some Indian food, henna, and a presentation of an Indian dance, as well as some Indian pop and hip-hop to dance to all night. I'm getting more henna done by Mai, Christian's roommate before I leave, but for now I have a fowl on my hand. The coconut dessert that we had was phenomenal, and the dance was awesome! The girls (and guys for that matter) were so talented! The dress was legit and the dancing was so expressive. Everyone really got into it. I'd say about 150 ppl were there last night. Seeing as there are 300ish ppl at the school, that's a huge success!

Pictures: 1. Breggia Gorge cascades
2. Random scenery
3. Henna picture
4. Christian and I before Indian night

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Austin said...

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That's pretty sweet I must say! Germany is SOOOO much better though!

Go to Belgium! There it WILL rain lol did that all of the years I was there.